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Company Profile


Ragon Industries (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1997 and is owned by Mr Hendrik Ras. Currently we operate from premises in Montana, Pretoria next to the N1 highway accessible to all main routes.

The initial aim to market ball valves only, for high abrasion at above normal temperatures, soon paved the way for the goal to specialise in the manufacturing of valves for slurry and other high abrasive substances. With extensive knowledge combined with experience in plant processes and layout, Ragon developed a unique type of valve which withstands extreme wear conditions with excellence. We patented the RAGMAX and RAGGATE valves to satisfy industry needs.

RAGMAX control and RAGGATE shut off valves soon became brand names in the Mining and Process Industry both locally and abroad. Countries such as South America, Australia, Europe and Africa are on our exporters list.

Strategy and Vision

Our vision is to always function with distinction when we proudly provide the best customer service and top quality products through aggressive sales at the most competitive price.

Products and Services

Presently our valves are fully imported and reworked in our workshop to supply a uniquely developed product to customer needs in accordance with NAMUR and ISO Standards.

Our valve range includes:

  • RAGMAX Butterfly Valves
  • RAGGATE Knife Gate Valves
  • Ball Valves

In addition we also supply value added products carefully selected to complete our range to satisfy customer needs:

  • Actuators
  • Positioners
  • Limit switches
  • Samplers
  • HVOF Coating
  • Workshop

RAGMAX slurry valves was developed for high abrasive applications in both control and on/off applications, sizes range to fit pipe diameters from 25mm to 1200mm. These valves may be fitted with a gearbox or actuator with positioners to suit customer requirements. The flexibility of the RAGMAX range adapts perfectly to any budget without forfeiting quality and durability.

The RAGMAX valve withstands the most severe slurry in the mining industry. This valve was specifically designed to last longer than any ordinary butterfly, pinch, diaphragm and knife gate valves. Our most competitive advantage is the all-time breakthrough of the RAGMAX valve to ensure stable flow control as envisaged by plant design and flow engineers.

It is a cost effective product:

  • stable plant flow control
  • it has twice the life span of any other valve
  • it only weighs 10% of valves for similar applications, thus saving on rigging and labour costs;
  • smaller actuators;
  • low pipe stress;
  • cost effective spares are freely available;
  • easy to repair or maintain;
  • low maintenance

The RAGGATE knife gate valves sizes range from 50mm to 1200mm.

We recently extended our service to refurbish any make or type of valve.

Ragon is committed to share knowledge gained to provide best service and quality products, backed by a risk free guarantee and top class after sales service through a well-motivated sales and administrative team.


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