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HVOF Spray Systems

Click here to download the HVOF Spray System Brochure (169 KB)

Ragon Industries, known for high abrasion resistant valves, have recently invested in their own HVOF system to enhance their ability to supply abrasion resistant products to the industry.

Our Machine Centre does small to medium size work and reconditioning of valves and other products exposed to wear.

The HVOF process has opened a new market in abrasion / corrosion resistant products, we are capable of placing an abrasive ore corrosive resistant layer on to parts exposed to wear. This is typical on valves and pumps in the mining and other industries.

Parts such as impellers, shaft sleeves and pump casings are coated, improving the lifespan of the pump, making it a cost effective option, saving our client's money and time. Ragon uses a 6 Axis robot machine which applies to HVOF Spray; this brings about 100% repeatability as well as near perfect layers on all products, and no shape is too difficult for us to treat.

The process hardens the base material for ultimate wear resistance. Corrosion resistant coatings are also available.

A cheaper base material can be used that will reduce costs. Longer lifespans are achieved which lead to reduced maintenance.

Longer operational running time will increase productivity and reduce running costs.



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