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Protective Thermal Spray to Enhance Product Performance

High velocity fuel spraying (HVOF) is typically used to deposit wear and corrosion resistant coatings on materials.

Valve specialist Ragon Industries (Pty) Ltd, lived their dream to introduce thermal coating of products to their range of services. Top of the range, plant and machinery were recently commissioned to make this dream come true. The HVOF process increase the operating life of products subject to wear, abrasion and erosion as experienced with slurry valves, pump shafts and impellors and other similar flow and rotating equipment.

Ragon Industries’ key focus will now be to market thermal spray coating to applicable industries. The service offering will concentrate on enhancing product performance by combatting wear and corrosion conditions and will be launched from their premises in Montana, Pretoria, next to the N1 highway, accessible to all main routes.

HVOF as technology is capable of producing very dense and well adhered coatings in the as-sprayed condition. During thermal spraying, particles are partially melted and accelerated to high velocities by a flame or an arc. The particles splatter onto a surface and build a layer whose quality is assessed by the oxide content, porosity and bond strength to the substrate.

The main benefit to thermal coat an object, is to extend the operating life of the product or equipment, says Ragon MD Hendrik Ras.

The technologies of thermal spray are highly versatile devices that allow for the engineering of an almost limitless number of coatings for an extremely wide range of industrial applications. A few examples of where thermal spray coatings can be found include: valve discs to increase resistance to abrasive slurries, pump shafts and impellors to prevent deterioration and agricultural components to enhance wear resistance.

Ragon Industries specialised the past 15 years in the manufacture of butterfly and knife gate valves for slurry and other high abrasive substances. With extensive knowledge combined with experience in plant processes and layout, Ragon patented a HVOF coated disc valve worldwide. An unique valve branded RAGMAX and RAGGATE which withstands extreme wear conditions with excellence. The above expansion programme will enable better pricing, control over their own, improved delivery dates and a new short term goal to expand their product range within the same industry and a long term vision to become a local supplier of valves and coated products to competitors importing at present.

This will give Ragon Industries the leading edge over their rivals!

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